Basic Attention Token

Basic Attention Token

Advertising can be so beautiful, – if it weren’t for the tracking of user behavior. Solution in sight? But yes – in the form of a new browser, the Brave Browser and the Basic Attention Token BAT. The inventor of the JavaScript programming language and co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox, Brendan Eich, created the new payment service.

The basic idea behind the Basic Attention Token is quite laudable:

  • Using the browser with your own advertising
  • Distribution of advertising revenue equally divided between the website operators, users and Brave Developers
  • Transparent and efficient digital advertising market
  • Fewer, but more targeted ads for users
  • Advertisers get better data on their products
  • Blockchain-based payment system with BAT
  • Prevention of manipulation of click numbers by bots
  • Without misuse of personal and mobile data of users for ads and trackers

The Basic Attention Token is intended to change the digital advertising

It is currently estimated that over 600 million end devices worldwide have activated an advertising blocker, the Add-Bloc. Most users are simply disturbed by the constant influx of advertising. The active permission of advertising is now to be rewarded for the user in the form of tokens. The Basic Attention Token undoubtedly improves digital advertising radically, but currently it only works on the Brave Browser developed for this purpose. The development team is currently working on the transfer and implementation of the BAT to other browsers. Targeted advertising that really interests the user not only provides a mental engagement with the potential customer or consumer, but also delivers better performing data about attention and success of the based data to the advertisers.

BAT distributes advertising revenue fairly

The user, the website operator and the advertiser should benefit equally from the Basic Attention Token. There are already initial reactions to the token in the social media, and analysts, such as Santiment, for example, assume that it is only a matter of time before prices rise. This circumstance is also known as the bull market or bull’s run among stock market participants and experts. The fact is that the token will stir up the digital marketing industry and turn user attention into money. Currently, a large amount of bandwidth is being used to flood the market with unwanted and inappropriate advertising. This will not only cost data, but in the end it will cost a lot of money. Studies have calculated that about $23 US dollars is spent on each user in the USA. The average loading time of an advertisement is about 5 seconds.

Where can BAT be stored

Since it is an ERC20 token, you can store BAT in any ERC20 compatible wallet. MyEtherWallet for example is a good option. If you want to store the crypto currency externally (which we highly recommend), the Ledger Nano S or Trezor hardware solutions also work great. Most importantly, you can also store your BAT in the Brave Browser Wallet.

Brave also passes on user data

Large media sites can unleash up to 70 trackers on customer data and in the same breath it is no wonder that malware has increased by around 132% in one year. With the BAT, users only pay for ads they have seen. Brave is also supposed to collect information about the user, but only stores this information locally on the respective computer, making it transparent to the user. The data is forwarded to the advertisers, but only anonymously and highly accurate. This allows the content of future advertisements to be even better tailored to the target group. The result is a highly profitable conversation rate.

However, the Basic Attention Token BAT and the Brave Browser are currently probably only to be seen as a project, at best as a test. The decentralized and transparent type of digital advertising, based on the Ethereum Blockchain, must first grow into a real process. Then one will be able to see what the future will bring and what the forecasts are. And only then will practice show to what extent the BAT can remain on the Ethereum Blockchain. After all, the technical difficulties of Ethereum and Bitcoin have been sufficiently known for a long time and may even already show the limits of the development. It is also possible that the Basic Attention Token will have to be completely detached from Ethereum.